Hateful Behavior

Noice is a platform where everyone can and should feel welcome to come and play.

Hateful behavior that promotes or normalizes violence, abuse, discrimination, prejudice, intolerance and hatred has no place on Noice.

We do not allow content or behavior on the platform that promotes, incites, normalizes or justifies violence, discrimination, harassment, or hatred against individuals or groups of people based on the following protected characteristics:

  • caste
  • color
  • disability
  • ethnicity
  • gender
  • gender identity and gender expression
  • immigration status
  • national origin
  • nationality
  • race
  • religion
  • serious medical condition
  • sex
  • sexual orientation

This restriction applies to the following types of behavior:

  • Inciting, promoting, justifying or glorifying violence targeting a person or group based on a protected characteristic.
    • This includes behavior that advances the idea that a person or group is more inherently deserving of violence based on a protected characteristic
  • Inciting, promoting, justifying, expressing or glorifying hatred towards a person or group based on a protected characteristic.
  • Using hateful slurs in ways that are clearly not reclaimed or used in a self-referential way.
    • We make exceptions for music that contains slurs when the context of the music does not include other forms of hateful behavior.
  • Sharing, displaying or promoting hateful symbology.
    • This includes display of Nazi symbology, US Confederate flags, symbols or insignia of identified hate groups, as well as memes, dog whistles and typographical treatments associated with hate targeting a protected characteristic. We may make counted exceptions for display of hateful symbology for documentary purposes that do not aim to promote their associated ideology.
  • Denying, minimizing, mocking, trivializing or distorting documented violent events, or the victims and their families targeted in those events, where victims were targeted for a protected characteristic.
    • This behavior, when directed at victims who were not targeted for a protected characteristic is violative of our Harassment and Abuse policy.
  • Claiming that individuals or groups with protected characteristics are inherently physically, mentally, or morally inferior, defective or ill or inherently predisposed to criminal behavior.
    • This includes promotion or advocacy for sexual orientation or transgender identity conversion therapy or cures.
  • Advancing, promoting or repeating dehumanizing references targeting an individual or group’s protected characteristics.
    • This includes behavior such as referring to individuals or groups with protected characteristics as animals, inanimate objects, or other non-human entities, or in other ways that are dehumanizing.
  • Engaging in inferiorization or supremacy, such as claiming or arguing that individuals or groups with protected characteristics are inherently inferior or superior to others.
  • Calling for, advocating for, or glorifying subjugation, segregation or exclusion of individuals or groups with protected characteristics from parts of social life.
  • Disseminating, citing or advancing conspiracy theories, tropes or allegations about individuals or groups with protected characteristics
    • This includes allegations that individuals or groups are inherently corrupt, evil or malicious due to a protected characteristic, as well as claims that they are intentionally spreading a disease, inherently predisposed to terrorism, or are intentionally engaging in campaigns to perpetuate sexual assault or violence
  • Advocating for, promoting or glorifying hateful ideologies and groups that advance them
    • This includes ideologies calling for accelerating racial or religious conflict as well as those advancing violent misogynistic rhetoric
  • Disseminating or promoting sexual stereotypes about an individual or group based on protected characteristics
    • This includes behavior that alleges or suggests that an individual or group’s worth or accomplishments are only based on their perceived sexual value, physical attributes, sexual attributes or sexual behavior.
Consequences for violating this policy:
  • First violation: a warning message and immediate termination of any livestream in progress as well as deletion of any violative messages or content
  • Second violation: temporary suspension of streaming and chat privileges
  • Third violation: temporary suspension from all Noice platforms
  • Fourth violation: indefinite suspension from all Noice platforms.

For egregious cases we will immediately and indefinitely suspend accounts for first-time violations of this policy.