Child Safety

Noice doesn’t allow behavior, content or accounts that endanger the emotional, developmental and physical well-being of minors, defined by this policy as a person under the age of 18.

The following behaviors are a violation of Noice’s policies [Content Warning]:

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Sharing or engaging in behavior or content that sexually exploits minors.

If you come across any child sexual abuse material, do not download it or save any copies.

If you believe that a child is in danger, please immediately contact your local law enforcement or your national child exploitation hotline. Then, please Report the content to us using the User Reporting feature so we can take action.

We have zero tolerance for content or behavior that sexually exploits minors or attempts to do so.

This includes:

  • Streaming, posting or soliciting sexually explicit or sexually suggestive media featuring minors
  • Streaming, posting or soliciting Illustrated or computer-generated depictions of a human child in a sexually explicit context
  • Intentionally streaming, posting or soliciting imagery featuring nude minors
  • Promoting, encouraging, glorifying, admitting to participating in the sexual exploitation or sexualization of youth, or instructing others on how to do so
  • Promoting, normalizing, or glorifying the sexual assault of a minor, pedophilia, or sexual attraction to minors as a form of identity or sexual orientation.
  • Soliciting or facilitating sexual activity with a minor, or expressing a desire to do either.
  • Engaging in sexualized commentaries or conversations about or directed at a known or unknown minor.
  • Sharing links to other sites with the intent of sharing content prohibited by this policy
  • Engaging in direct sexual conversations with minors
  • Engaging as an adult in inappropriate interactions with minors, including offering or intentionally exposing minors to sexually explicit materials or language
  • Making repeated efforts to obtain a minor’s personal or private information that could be used to establish off-platform or real-world contact 
  • Attempting to coerce money, favors, intimate imagery or any other activity using threats, coercion or intimidation, including threatening to expose intimate imagery or information about a minor
  • Identifying alleged victims of child sexual exploitation or represented in media by name or image or other means
  • Keep in mind that the list above is not a complete list, and that our enforcement on this policy is strict.
Consequences for violating this policy: Immediate and indefinite suspension from all Noice platforms. We will remove and report all child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and supporting evidence to the US National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), who work with global law enforcement agencies for investigation and prosecution.

Sharing or engaging in harmful or dangerous acts involving minors

We do not allow behavior or content that promotes or depicts acts that pose a risk of imminent and serious physical or emotional harm when engaged in by a minor. This includes:

  • Streaming or sharing content showing a minor engaging in physically dangerous activities or challenges.
  • Encouraging minors to engage in dangerous activities.
  • Streaming or sharing content that shows minors in harmful situations that may lead to injury, including dangerous stunts, dares, or pranks.
  • Simulating parental abuse.
  • Streaming or sharing media of real-world violence targeting minors.
  • Coercing minors.
Consequences for violating this policy:  immediate and indefinite suspension from all Noice platforms. In exceptional cases we may instead temporarily suspend accounts for first-time violations of this policy.

Harassment and cyberbullying of a minor

Harassment and behavior that targets anyone on Noice with abuse, regardless of their age, is against our Harassment and Targeted Abuse policy.

We take a particularly strict stance against bullying and harassment of minors—as a result, any violations of our community guidelines that target a minor will result in an immediate and indefinite suspension, including:

  • Targeting minors for abuse or humiliation
  • Revealing personal information of a minor like email addresses, home addresses or phone numbers
  • Publishing a video recording a minor without their knowledge or consent
  • Encouraging a minor to self-harm, hurt or kill themselves
  • Bullying or harassing a minor
  • Encourages others to bully or harass
Consequences for violating this policy:  immediate and indefinite suspension from all Noice platforms. In exceptional cases we may instead temporarily suspend accounts for first-time violations of this policy.

Accounts owned by minors

To have an account on Noice, account owners must be over the age of 13 as indicated in our Terms of Service. When we identify an account owned by an underage person, we remove it. 

For accounts owned by users older than 13 but younger than the legal age of digital consent in their country, we will solicit parental or legal guardian consent before allowing access to the service. We will delete accounts created by users under the legal age of digital consent that do not receive parental consent within a certain time of creation. When we identify an account identified as belonging to an adult but where a child under 13 (or the digital age of consent in their jurisdiction) is streaming on screen, we will suspend the account’s streaming until we can confirm the age of the account owner.

Some of the features of our service are age-restricted and can only be unrestricted with parental or legal guardian consent.

Some of the content on the platform may be available only to users who are at least 18 years old.