Off-Platform Behavior

Our hope at Noice is that streamers and players will build rich and energetic communities. For this to happen, everyone needs to be able to bring their full self, and feel protected and safe. In certain circumstances, some behavior that happens off-platform can create serious risks to our users, our community, and to Noice as a whole.

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People not allowed to have accounts on Noice

People who are observed committing, or are convicted (whether by a criminal or civil court or by an established institutional disciplinary investigation and review process) of the following types of behavior that occur outside of Noice are not allowed to use Noice. That means, they are not allowed to have an account on Noice, to be featured on a stream on Noice, or to use Noice via someone else’s account:

  • violent crimes, including violent threats
  • crimes against children
  • rape, sexual assault, or complicity in it
  • malicious doxxing or coordinated harm to others
  • threats to Noice, its employes, property, facilities or contractors
  • acts that directly endanger the physical safety of Noice users

Individuals who have served the terms of criminal sentences for past offenses may use Noice. Where individuals have gone through a trustworthy rehabilitation process, we may choose not to take action or to enable their accounts.

For cases relating to off-platform behavior we will rely on externally verifiable information and data before taking action. Our evaluation will take into account any indications or links between off-platform behavior and behavior on Noice.

Consequences for violating this policy: Immediate and indefinite suspension from all Noice platforms.

Off-platform behavior harmful to the Noice community

Certain types of off-platform behavior have risk of harm to the world at large, including people who do not use Noice. When the behavior of a creator, whether on- or off- platform, harms our users, communities, employees, Noice or the world at large, we may take action to mitigate that harm.

Noice users are expected to refrain from the following off-platform behaviors:

  • Coordinating or participating in cross-platform, off-platform or real-world physical harassment, abuse or violence
  • Causing or intending to cause malicious harm to others
  • Engaging in fraudulent or deceptive behavior
  • As a channel owner or streamer, failing to take active, clear and affirmative steps to discourage or prevent any such behavior when coordinated by the channel’s community
  • Issuing or engaging in real-world violent threats
  • Behaving as a public nuisance in a way that brings Noice into the discussion
Consequences for violating this policy:
  • First violation: immediate termination of any livestream in progress and a warning notice
  • Second violation: temporary suspension of streaming and chat privileges
  • Third violation: indefinite suspension from all Noice platforms.

We may include additional consequences such as limitations on monetization or recommendation of channels whose owners are found to violate this policy.

For egregious cases we will immediately and indefinitely suspend accounts for first-time violations of this policy.