Self Harm

Noice aims to create an environment where streamers and players can talk about their lives and their experiences—not only the joyous and fun ones,, but also perhaps for more serious ones as well. Talking about mental health—about personal experience as well as about them in general—is important to drive awareness and make it ok to talk about things many may feel uncomfortable or unsafe discussing.

That said, Noice is not a place where it is ok to promote, glorify or encourage suicide or self-harm, including cutting and disordered eating. And it is definitely not a place for sharing shocking or graphic footage or imagery of people hurting themselves.

If you believe that someone on Noice—a streamer or another player—is in danger please first attempt to contact local emergency response services, and also let us know by reporting the stream or chat to us using the “Report this” feature.

If you are struggling, or are having thoughts where you may want to harm yourself: know you are not alone, and there is help.

Talking to someone who is trained and specialized can help you find care and methods for coping. Talking to someone trained and specialized in providing mental support can help you develop ways of coping and managing, and may help identify additional care that may be of benefit to you. You can find a local helpline and free source for emotional support at

The following behaviors are against Noice’s community guidelines:

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Glorifying or promoting self-harming behavior or suicide

Noice does not allow the use of the platform to promote suicide, self-harming behavior, or eating disorders, or that has the risk of encouraging others to engage in those behaviors.

This includes;

  • Sharing content or making statements promoting or glorifying suicide or self-harm
  • Sharing instructions on how to die by suicide or engage in self-harm, or in self-harm challenges
  • Sharing graphic images or descriptions of self-harm or attempts at self-harm
  • Posting or linking to suicide notes or videos
  • Promoting eating disorders, including sharing of content that is in favor of eating disorders, or including instructions or plans related to active disordered eating

We make allowances for discussions about self-harm and suicide that put it in context, discuss personal journeys towards treatment and recovery without graphic descriptions or instructions, or which share resources for support.

Consequences for violating this policy:
  • First violation: immediate termination of any livestream in progress, deletion of any violative messages or content and a warning notice including information for sources of crisis assistance and emotional support
  • Second violation: temporary suspension of streaming and chat privileges
  • Third violation: temporary suspension from all Noice platforms
  • Fourth violation: indefinite suspension from all Noice platforms

For egregious cases we will immediately and indefinitely suspend accounts for first-time violations of this policy.

In cases of high risk, we may also engage with local emergency support resources.

Encouraging someone to engage in self-harming behavior or suicide, with intent to harass

We take a strong stance against any content that encourages anyone on or off-platform to engage in self-harm.  We will interpret statements encouraging someone to self-harm or die by suicide as an egregious form of targeted harassment.

This includes:

  • Telling others to kill themselves or physically hurt themselves
  • Telling others to eat more or eat less when they have not asked for advice relating to eating
  • Sending imagery or links to imagery or footage of suicide, cutting or eating disorders in a public channel

We recognize that in some cases, some expressions may be interpretable as encouraging self-harm but are interpreted as banter. When in doubt, we may allow those if there is clear indication that those interactions are consensual to all the parties involved.

Consequences for violating this policy:  immediate and indefinite suspension from all Noice platforms. In exceptional cases we may instead temporarily suspend accounts for first-time violations of this policy.

Sharing third-party imagery of suicide or self-harm

We take a strong stance against the reupload or restreaming of imagery of suicide or graphic self-harm from third parties. We will interpret sharing this kind of imagery as an egregious form of sharing graphic real-world imagery.

This includes:

  • Sharing videos or images containing the lead-up to a suicide, an actual suicide, or suicide attempts and suicide rescue footage
  • Sharing videos or images of acts of self-harm carried out by a person other than the person uploading the content

The list above is not exhaustive.

Consequences for violating this policy:  immediate and indefinite suspension from all Noice platforms. In exceptional cases we may instead temporarily suspend accounts for first-time violations of this policy.