Let's delve into the world of Noice and explore the currencies that add depth to your experience:

There are three types of soft currencies in Noice:

  • Coins Coin: Your primary currency for the Card Game, used to acquire Standard Card Packs across channels and games. Accumulate coins through Daily Goal Cards, Match Rewards, and by watching incentivized adverts post-matches. Coins can also be obtained through Ads. 

  • Reshuffle Tokens Reshuffle token: Utilized for card reshuffling during gameplay, these tokens are occasionally earned as level-up rewards. They can also be used to switch the cards in your Daily Goals.

  • Credits Credit: A versatile currency for various in-game purchases, including Premium Card Packs.

Mastering these currencies ensures you maximize your Noice experience. Whether you're collecting cards, engaging with your favorite streamers, or fine-tuning your gameplay, these currencies are your companions on the Noice journey. Enjoy your streaming adventures!

Note: Reshuffling wipes any votes that might have been cast on cards by teammates.