In need of more credits, reshuffle tokens, or cards? Or even get a Streamer Card!? 😎

You can find it all in the Noice Store! From the store, you can find many ways to support your favorite creators, as well as new ways to play the stream! 

How to find store.JPG

The store landing page will greet you with the option to open reward crates by watching video ads, as well as direct you to the individual channel stores of your favorite creators.

Store welcome page.JPG

Scrolling further down on the store page, you can find standard bundle card packs for the games that you watch. These can be purchased with Noice Coins Coin, which you can earn from completing daily goals, leveling up your Battlepass, or just playing the stream as usual.

Standard card bundles.JPG

Even further down, you can buy Reshuffle Tokens Reshuffle token using Noice Credits Credit, both of which are found at the bottom of the store page. Reshuffle Tokens are used to swap out the hand of cards you are dealt during a match as well as the daily goals you set.

Reshuffle Tokens Store.JPG
Credits Store.JPG

Noice Credits are in-game currency that can be purchased with real-world money. With Noice Credits, you can buy Premium Card Bundles, in addition to Creator Cards, both of which are found in your favorite Creator Stores.

Purchasing a premium bundle from a creator's store ensures you receive a creator card while also providing valuable support to your favorite creator.

creator store.JPG

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