How to add branding to my channel?

This guide will show you how to add branding to your channel to make it unique.

First you will need to log into the Noice studio here -

Once you have logged in, click on the Settings on the left side of the screen:

  1. From here you will want to go to Channel;
  2. Then click on the Branding tab;



Here you can upload your channel logo:
Screenshot 2023-11-01 132138.png

It will need to be in either .jpg or .png with a ration of 1:1 and resolution 1024x1024. Currently the file can be no larger than 1Mb.


Here you can add your channel banner:

Screenshot 2023-11-01 132148.png

It will need to also be a .jpg or .png file format. We recommend you use an image resolution of 1596x256 and that it be no larger than 2Mb.