Noice doesn’t allow behavior or content that in any way supports violent extremist or criminal organizations, or prominent terrorist, extremist or criminal individuals in a way that encourages others to carry out similar acts of violence. This includes behavior that threatens, promotes, glorifies or signals intent to perform violent acts that would result in serious physical harm or significant destruction of property, to an individual or a group of individuals, or that celebrates those who have attempted similar acts.

The following behaviors are a violation of Noice’s policies:

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Promoting violent entities

We have zero tolerance for content or behavior that promotes organizations or groups that use violence targeting civilians to achieve their means. We refer to these as “violent entities”, which includes violent extremist groups, terrorist organizations, known hate groups, organized criminal organizations, as well as perpetrators or attempted perpetrators of violent attacks.

This includes:

  • Being a member of a violent entity
  • Sharing or soliciting content produced by violent entities
  • Sharing or soliciting content that praises, glorifies or memorializes violent entities
  • Sharing or soliciting content that justifies or glorifies the actions of violent entities
  • Sharing or soliciting content that includes the symbols, logos, insignia or slogans of violent entities with the intent to promote or praise them
  • Attempting to recruit for, raise funds for, or generate support for violent entities
  • Sharing or soliciting content that depicts hostages or that intends to threaten, intimidate or solicit on behalf of a violent entity
  • Streaming video games that have been developed or modified to glorify violent entities or their actions
  • Sharing or soliciting links to sites that are used to disseminate content that does any of the above
  • Using names, images, photos or symbols of violent entities in profile elements such as profile names, descriptions or avatars
Consequences for violating this policy: Immediate and indefinite suspension from all Noice platforms.