Apex Legends prediction game

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Noice is the platform where your community gets to play alongside you! With our card prediction game, your community can challenge themselves to predict your next moves during your Apex Legends gameplay. You have the choice to encourage this by asking for their input or simply play your way while knowing your audience is engaged in your gaming adventure.

This guide is designed to provide insights into the Noice Card Prediction game from a player's perspective.

Card info


Starting points of Card | Maximum points the card can Reach | Card Name |Card Prediction | Card Level

Starting Points This is the initial point value that can be instantly scored. If the prediction event occurs almost immediately on your stream, you'll earn this amount of points.

Maximum Points Cards can reach a maximum point value. Beyond this, only specific boosters can further increase the potential points for the card.

Name The card's name helps you distinguish it from others in your collection.

Prediction The most crucial information on the card; it details what must happen on your stream to earn the points displayed on the card. Points are earned while the card is in play.

Level Levels increase the minimum and maximum points of the cards. Collecting duplicates of the same card automatically levels them up once the required quantity is met.

Card Types

Several card types are available for predicting your in-game actions. Each type functions differently, so select the one that aligns with your predictions the best.

Normal Cards

For instance, the card #Materialistic sets a goal for you to collect 100 materials during your stream. These predictions update as you gather materials, starting as soon as the card is in play.

These cards gradually accumulate points until reaching their maximum value. Notably, there's no fail condition for the #Materialistic card, making it easy to play.

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Cards with Fail Condition

The #Flawless card, presents the challenge of achieving an Elimination without taking any damage.

This card outlines both a goal and a potential failure condition. If the streamer takes damage before securing the Elimination, no points will be earned, and the card will fail.

After a fail, you can make a new prediction.

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All or Nothing Cards

The #Pacifist card belongs to the All or Nothing category. With these cards, you can choose to double your score every time the condition is met.

In the case of the #Pacifist card, every 60 seconds without taking damage allows you to double your points or cash them in. If you take damage while the #Pacifist card is in play, the card fails, and you score no points, regardless of its level.

Points Increase Play by Play 

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Match Cards

As the match nears its conclusion, new cards become available. These Match cards predict how the game will end. For example, the card called #New Champions, where the match needs to be won within 120 seconds.

If you win the game and have a #New Champions card in play, you'll earn substantial points. However, the card has fail conditions, and you can only select one per match, so choose wisely.


Streamer Cards

Streamer cards are special versions of normal cards. They have the same success and failure conditions as regular cards and fall into the same categories (e.g., Normal Cards, Match Cards, All or Nothing Cards).

Streamer cards can only be used on your channel and provide an extra +10% point bonus for successful predictions.

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It's more than just playing, it's sharing the adventure with your viewers in a unique and entertaining way. So, give Noice a try and enjoy the thrill of playing alongside your community.