Enforcement and Appeals

We enforce our policies actively, using a combination of human and automated methods to make decisions on accounts that we identify as breaking our community guidelines.

When we identify an account that has violated our community guidelines, we can take one of various actions, including:

  • sending the owner of the account a warning message, reminding them of our Community Guidelines
  • mute the account, so that they can continue to view play the stream but without the ability to send chat messages
  • put a Mature Content label their channel, limiting the visibility to adult users
  • put an age restriction on their account, preventing them from seeing or joining channels rated as having Mature Content
  • restrict their ability to stream
  • restrict their ability to monetize 
  • temporarily suspend them from Noice, for a time period ranging from hours to multiple days
  • suspend them indefinitely

The actions we take will depend on the severity of the violation and whether or not the account has violated our community guidelines before, or recently.

When we restrict an account, we send the owner of the account a message informing them of the restriction and the reason for the restriction.

Sometimes, we may make mistakes.

If your account has been restricted or suspended, you may submit an appeal by logging into your account and completing the Appeal form you will see. When you submit an appeal, send us as much information as is relevant to help us understand where we may have made a mistake, or to help us understand why we should lift the restriction placed on your account. You may appeal each enforcement decision only once, so make sure that you take the time to clearly explain where we may have gone wrong.