Reminder: Adjust your OBS Settings

With the open beta phase now underway, it’s the perfect time for creators to fine-tune their broadcasting settings in OBS.


Your audience are eagerly awaiting your gameplay, and you want to ensure the best streaming experience for them. In this article, we'll remind you to make the necessary adjustments to your OBS settings and guide you to locate the all-important stream key settings.

Finding Your Stream Key in OBS

Before you can start streaming, you need to enter your Noice stream key in OBS. This key is a unique code that connects your OBS to our platform. Here's how you can locate and input your stream key in OBS:

Log In to Our Streaming Platform: Visit  and log in to your account.

Access Your Dashboard: After logging in, navigate to settings and then stream located on the left side of the dashboard.

Copy Your Stream Key: Once you've found your stream key, click on the copy button.

Open OBS: Launch Open Broadcaster Software on your computer.

Access Settings in OBS: In OBS, go to the "Settings" menu located at the bottom-right corner of the main OBS window. In the Settings menu, select "Stream" from the left sidebar.

Paste Your Stream Key: First make sure you have selected Noice - RTMP from the drop down menu. You'll find a field labeled "Stream Key" below the dropdown menu, paste the stream key you copied earlier into this field (Ctrl+V or Command+V).

Save Your Settings: After pasting your stream key, make sure to save your settings by clicking the "OK" or "Apply" button.

Once you've entered your stream key and saved your settings, you're ready to go live! Hit the "Start Streaming" button in the main OBS window when you're prepared to begin your broadcast.

NOTE: It is recommended to restart OBS after changing critical settings to ensure the changes take effect. Additionally, always check for OBS updates to keep the software up to date.

You're all set to provide your audience with an outstanding streaming experience! Happy streaming!

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