Season's rewards


This article is created to give you the inside scoop on what to expect in our Seasons.

The rewards you'll earn can vary from season to season and game to game. It all depends on the length of the season and how many cards are up for grabs in a particular title.

Now, let's talk about those ranks. Currently, you'll find about 100 of them in most seasons. But here's the twist – that number can change based on how many cards are available in a title.

For instance, if we have 70 Fortnite cards versus 50 Apex cards, the Apex season might have 80 ranks, while Fortnite keeps it at 100.

When it comes to rewards, we're keeping things exciting! We don't have a set number, but rest assured, they'll be on par with each other. What can you expect in the rewards department from our Seasons? Well, we've got:

  • Coins coin.png: Your primary currency for various in-game activities.
  • Reshuffle Tokens reshuffle.png: Used for switching things up.
  • Credits credit.png: Some extra in-game cash.
  • Card Unlocks: You'll be able to add more cards to your collection.

Now, a quick heads-up – these are the primary rewards coming your way from our Seasons. You can get a maximum of two of these reward types, so you might snag some gold and hard currency, tokens and soft currency, and so on. But don't expect to receive two cards in a single rank. We're keeping the balance, and you'll love what's in store!

So, gear up for a fantastic journey through our Seasons, and let's conquer the rankings together!

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