Dead by Daylight Card Examples

Card Types

There are a few different types of cards you can use to predict what will happen on the Stream! Each type works differently, so make sure you pick the one that fits your prediction the best! 

For Dead by Daylight, there are two sets of cards, one set is for survivors and one is for killers. Each set of cards predicts what can happen in the selected game mode.

Normal Cards

The #Come on, come on! -card here has a goal of the streamer unhooking another player on Stream. These are collecting points up to the max, so the prediction starts the moment the card is in play. 

The card gains points slowly until it is scored at the MAX points displayed on the card. There is no fail condition for the #Come on, come on! -card, which makes it a very easy card to play!  

  come on come on.png

Screenshot 2023-12-07 155154.png


Cards with Fail condition

The #Such Insolence -card here has a goal condition of the streamer knocking a survivor down. For Dead by Deadlight, incapacitating a player by knocking them down as the killer will count.This card will only be in play for 60 seconds. This means there's a fail condition as well as a goal. If the streamer doesn't knock a survivor down in 60 seconds, you'll not receive any points and the card fails. 

After a fail, you'll be able to make a new prediction!  

All or Nothing Cards

The #I'm a Survivor - card is one of the All or Nothing cards, this means you'll be able to double down on the score every time the condition is met. The effect of the #I'm a Survivor card triggers every 45 seconds, provided that the streamer remains unhurt by killers, you can double the points OR choose to cash in the points. 

If the Streamer gets hit, with #I'm a Survivor in play, the card fails. This means you won't score any points from it. Regardless of what level it was at.


Screenshot 2023-12-25 131157.png

Points increase play by play

Screenshot 2023-12-25 134346 copy.png 


Match Cards

Match cards give you the option to predict scenarios such as hooking a survivor before the first generator is repaired, ensuring no survivors are hooked until that crucial milestone, actively contributing to the repair of the initial generator, or facing the challenge of getting hooked before the first generator is fixed.


Streamer Cards

The Streamer - cards are special versions of normal cards. They have the same success and failure conditions and they're the same type (e.g. Normal Cards, Match Cards, AoN cards). Streamer cards can only be used on the Streamers channel. 

All successful Streamer cards score +10% extra points!


Screenshot 2023-12-25 142117 copy.png

Same conditions apply for Streamer cards