Required Streaming Settings

📍Before going live on Noice, please ensure all of the below is correctly set on your OBS and Noice Studio:

OBS Settings: 

  1. Set "Max B frames" in OBS Studio to zero;
  2. Check Bit Rate for optimal results – aim for a range between 6000 and 9000Kbps (dependent on your connection strength);
  3. Select the correct game from Scenes in OBS when adjusting the Noice Validator;
  4. Make sure to choose 'Noice - RTMP' as the service in OBS. You can find this option in Settings under Stream;
  5. Double-check that the stream key entered in OBS Studio is correct. You can always generate a new Key if you feel it's needed;
  6. Ensure that the profile is set to "high" in OBS. This setting can be found in Settings, Output, Encoder settings;
  7. Stream in 1080p (Resolution 1920x1080) from OBS;
  8. Avoid cropping the game screen; make sure to stream the full game screen;
  9. Remember to hide the Noice Validator during the stream (click the little eye icon next to the source);
  10. Always use the Noice Validator to check your camera position, ensuring it corresponds to the correct game.

Noice Studio Check:

  1. In Noice Studio, verify that the correct Game Category is selected. The game there should be the one you are going live with;

  2. Ensure the Noice Prediction Game is enabled under the category in Noice Studio.

  3. Upon starting your stream in OBS, check its status in Noice Studio by clicking the down arrow next to "Stream Status" at the top right corner of the screen. This provides detailed information to help you determine if any current settings need adjustment (highlighted in yellow) for both the stream and the card prediction game to function properly, as shown in the screenshot below:

complete 2024-06-05 161755.png

Game Check: 

  1. In-game HUD/UI must be set to more than 80% (100% recommended);
  2. Ensure that the game's aspect ratio is set to 16:9.


Please see our "How to setup Simulcasting Through Noice Studio" article - here

If you have any questions or need help on the above, please don't hesitate to contact the support team; you can do so by creating a Discord post under the Support Section. 

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