How to use the Song Request feature on Nightbot

Nightbot's Song Request feature allows viewers to request songs during live streams, enhancing the overall entertainment experience. 

AutoDJ is Nightbot's player responsible for managing Song Requests, enhancing your stream's musical experience.


Screenshot 2024-03-21 144249.png

  • The AutoDJ page houses Song Request settings, a music player, and a queue of upcoming songs.
  • Key controls at the top:
    • Enable & Disable: Allows or blocks new song requests.
    • Clear Queue: Removes all songs in the queue.
    • Add Song: Opens a popup to add a song via URL or search.


Screenshot 2024-03-21 144348.png

  • Accessible via the Settings button, categorised into:
    • General:
      • Userlevel: Minimum user level required for song requests.
      • Providers: Allowed music providers for song requests.
      • Playlist: Default playlist for empty queues.
      • Search Provider: Default search provider for song searches.
    • Limits:
      • Queue Length: Maximum songs in the queue.
      • Limit to Playlist: Forces songs from the selected playlist.
      • User Limit: Maximum songs per user.
    • YouTube:
      • Limit to Music: Requires YouTube videos to be music.
      • Limit to Liked Videos: Only allows popular YouTube videos.

Player Controls & Song Information:

  • The player adjusts according to selected Providers.
  • Controls include Play/Pause, Next Song, Track Slider, and Volume.
  • Displays Song Title, Duration, Uploader, and Link.
  • Allows volume adjustment and song saving to the channel playlist.


Screenshot 2024-03-21 144502.png

  • Shows upcoming songs with options to promote or delete entries.
  • Gray entries denote playlist selections.
  • Promote or delete songs using icons or the !songs command.

With Nightbot's AutoDJ, you can effortlessly manage song requests, curate playlists, and entertain your audience with a personalised musical experience.



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