How to setup Spam Protection on Nightbot

Nightbot's Spam Protection feature helps maintain chat quality by preventing spamming and misuse. Here's a brief overview:

Screenshot 2024-03-21 144154.png

  • Blacklist Words/Phrases: Blocks specific words or phrases from being posted in chat to prevent offensive or inappropriate content.
  • Caps Protection: Restricts messages posted in all or mostly capitalized letters to prevent excessive shouting or attention-seeking behavior.
  • Emote Protection: Limits the number of emotes users can post in messages to prevent spamming and maintain chat readability.
  • Link Protection: Blocks the posting of links in chat to prevent phishing, spam, or promotion of unauthorized content. Streamers can whitelist certain URLs if necessary.
  • Symbol Protection: Restricts the use of excessive symbols in messages to prevent spamming and maintain chat clarity.
  • Repetition Protection: Prevents users from repeatedly posting the same words or phrases in quick succession to prevent spamming and maintain chat flow.

By utilizing these settings, streamers can create a more enjoyable and respectful chat environment for their viewers, fostering positive interactions and engagement during their streams.



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