How to setup Discord Integration on Nightbot

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  1. If you don't already have a Discord account and server, create one at Need assistance? Check out Discord's help desk.
  2. Sign in to Nightbot and navigate to the Integrations tab to manage Discord settings.
  3. Click "Connect" to authorize Nightbot's access to your Discord account. Choose your server from the dropdown list and click "Authorise."
  4. Nightbot is now part of your Discord Server! It's assigned a role named "Nightbot" with the permissions you granted. Customize the role's permissions and colors as needed. All Nightbot commands are now functional in your Discord server.


  • Click the "Settings" button for your server on the Nightbot Integrations page for further customisation.
  • Assign Discord roles for Moderators, Regulars, and Subscribers (if applicable) for each user level. Enable "Role Syncing" to automatically sync these roles every 15 minutes for active users in your server. Click "Update" to save settings. Note: Users must connect their Twitch/YouTube account to Discord in their "Connections" settings for syncing to work.
  • Toggle "Spam Filtering" for light auto moderation. Nightbot will filter messages similar to your stream's chat, though it will only delete messages in Discord (no timeouts/kicks/bans).


  • Nightbot's role must be positioned above roles you want it to sync in your server's settings. Discord prevents Nightbot from granting roles higher than its own.
  • Nightbot does not sync subscribers. Discord has its own subscription integration with Twitch and YouTube, so the Subscriber role selection in Nightbot is solely for identifying existing subscribers in the server.


For detailed guides on the robust and individual features offered by Nightbot, kindly utilize the links provided below: