Joining Noice

Interested in playing the stream? Here's what you need to know:

Make sure your computer meets the following requirements:

: Windows 10 64-bit
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 10 series or newer, AMD RX400 series or newer
RAM: At least 8GB
CPU: Any Intel or AMD with at least eight threads
Browser Compatibility: Users must use Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Opera GX and have Hardware Acceleration turned on, where applicable.
Internet Speed: Users must have a minimum of 10mbps download speed.

After you've done this, the only step that is left is to open 

Originally, you are not logged in, but you can choose to create your own account, to get the full experience and unlock more on Noice.

Alternatively, if, in addition to being a Player on Noice, you would like to become a Creator so that you could stream on Noice, use this link here where you can be added to our Creator waitlist, and a member of our Creator Relations team will reach out when we're ready to onboard new Creators on Noice. 
become a noice creator.JPG

And that's it! Now you know how to get into Noice and play as a Player or join our Creator waitlist list!