Noice Profile Settings

It's essential to have full control over your profile on Noice, whether you want to change your
username, adjust your account's privacy settings, manage your subscriptions, and more.
Let's dive into the profile settings.

You can access your profile settings by clicking your avatar at the top right of any page, then
selecting 'Settings.'

Noice profile 11.png


The first section is 'Profile Info.' Here, you can change your username. Keep in mind, you
can only change your username once every 30 days.

Noice profile 2.png

Next is 'Account.' In this section, you'll find the email address linked to your account. You can
also delete your account from this page.

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To delete your account, simply click 'Delete Your Account,' and a confirmation will appear.
Clicking 'Delete Account' will automatically log you out and return you to the Noice signup
splash page.

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You'll also receive an email detailing what will happen to the account and recovery options in
case of accidental deletion. Within 30 days of scheduling the deletion, you can cancel the
request by logging back into, where you'll see a popup allowing you to cancel the
deletion. If you need further assistance, you can contact support using the provided email.

Noice profile 4.png


Next is 'Privacy.' Here, you can adjust various privacy settings, such as your online status,
friend requests, profile page visibility, purchase visibility, content warnings, cookie
preferences, and blocked users. You can also request a copy of your personal data from
your Noice account.

Noice profile 5.png


The 'Wallet' section shows all your purchases made on Noice.

Noice profile 6.png


Under 'Subscriptions,' you can view and manage all your active and inactive subscriptions.

Noice profile 7.png


In 'Connections,' you can manage the connection of your Noice account to your Discord

Noice profile 8.png


Lastly, in 'Notifications,' you can customize your email notifications. Choose whether you
want to receive notifications when followed channels go live, as well as receive relevant
marketing updates, alerts, and surveys from Noice about our products and services.

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