Noice Prediction Game

Noice Prediction Game

Welcome to Noice! The goal is very simple - predict what will happen on the stream!

How to Play:

  1. Choose a Stream that you'd like to watch. There might be a match in progress or one about to start. Normally there's a small period between matches, so don't worry if the Prediction game doesn't immediately start. You'll most likely just have to wait for the Streamer to start a new match. 

  2. When a match begins, you'll be given a selection of Cards to choose from. Each card contains a prediction of what could happen in the Stream. Your goal is to choose the ones you think will happen.

  3. After you've selected a card, it becomes active and starts to accrue points. The points start from a minimum value and progress toward the card's maximum value. The card will be worth more points the longer it is in play. 

  4. If your card succeeds, you score the points listed. Note though that some cards may fail if their condition is not met in time, a different event happens first, or due to a game-specific condition (like the streamer being knocked down)

  5. Above your card is where your Booster will appear. Boosters are can apply to your card or one of your teammates' cards.

  6. Hover over the booster, or select it, to see what the booster will do. All boosters have a personal effect and an effect that only happens when used on a teammate. Boosters are always more powerful when used on a teammate

  7. You can hold one booster at a time. Using the booster will start the timer towards the next booster. Note that boosters are not retained over multiple matches - so use them when you get the chance!

  8. If you score a card, you will be shown to everyone in the channel - including the Streamer! Likewise, if you or your team scores well, the streamer will be shown your avatars and names at the end of the match.


Choosing a Card

In the beginning of a match in a Stream or when joining an already ongoing match, you'll be prompted to select a card from your card deck. Cards start from relatively a low points and only gain points when they're active. This means you'll score more points the earlier you make your prediction! However, if you hold a card in play for too long, you're missing out on many other predictions you could have made - the cards will not gain any more points once they've reached the maximum points.

Once you've chosen a card, you can sit back, focus on the Stream, and see if your card choice scores! Scoring happens when the prediction on the card occurs. Predictions on the cards can be anything from a specific action, amount of collected resources, using an item, or simply winning the match. You can always see the predictions on the cards when choosing one. 

Screenshot 2023-11-26 180908.png If you feel like none of the cards suit the current situation in the stream, you can use the Reshuffle option to get a completely new set of cards to choose from. 


Being Dealt Cards

The cards dealt to you come from your unlocked cards for that game. Everyone has their own set of cards, so not everyone will be picking from the same selection of cards.

When choosing a card, it's good to pay attention to the type of card, maximum and minimum points, in addition to the prediction itself.

Sometimes situations on the ongoing match or stream require certain cards to not be available at any given time, you can read more about that on the Card Dealing Rules further in this article.

Card info

Sssreenshot 2023-10-18 121345.png

Starting points of Card | Maximum points the card can Reach | Card Name |Card Prediction | Card Level

Starting Points
This is the point amount that will be immediately available to be scored. If you were to play a card and the prediction would happen on Stream almost instantly, you'd score this amount of points. 

Maximum points
Cards can only reach points to their maximum amount. After this, only certain boosters can increase the points possible to score from the card.

This helps you to identify which card is which. 

By far the most important information on the card. This is what needs to happen on Stream for you to score the points displayed on the Card. Cards gain points when they're in play.

Levels increase the minimum and maximum points of Cards. You gain card levels by acquiring duplicates of the same card. Leveling happens automatically once you hit the required amount.

Card Types

There are a few different types of cards you can use to predict what will happen on the Stream! Each type works differently, so make sure you pick the one that fits your prediction the best!

Normal Cards

The #Mason card has a goal of the streamer collecting 500 Bricks on Stream. These are updated whenever Bricks are collected, so the prediction starts the moment the card is in play. 

The card gains points slowly until it is scored at the MAX points displayed on the card. There is no fail condition for the #Mason card, which makes it a very easy card to play!  


  Screenshot 2023-10-18 122814.png

Screenshot 2023-10-24 094637 copy.pngScreenshot 2023-10-24 095102.png


Cards with Fail condition

The #Rifler card sets a goal for the streamer to eliminate or knock out an enemy using a DMR.

This card will remain active only until the next encounter with an enemy. In essence, it comes with both a success condition and a fail condition. If the streamer fails to secure their next elimination with a DMR, no points will be awarded, and the card will be considered a failure.

After such a failure, you will have the opportunity to make a new prediction!

All or Nothing Cards

The #Strategist card is one of the All or Nothing cards, this means you'll be able to double down on the score every time the condition is met. For the #Strategist card this means every 60 seconds of no damage taken by the Streamer, you can double the points OR choose to cash in the points. 

If the Streamer does take damage with #Strategist in play, the card fails. This means you won't score any points from it. Regardless of what level it was at.

Points increase play by play


Screenshot 2023-10-18 143844.png

Screenshot 2023-10-18 160916 copy.pngScreenshot 2023-10-18 161304 copy.png


Match Cards

Near the end of the match, new cards become available. The Match cards are predictions on how the match will end, you'll be able to pick between #Victory and #Laugh it up cards. If the Streamer wins the game and you had Victory Royale in play, you'll be scoring big.

However, these both cards also feature a fail condition and a match card be only chosen once per match, so make your pick wisely!


Streamer Cards

The Streamer cards are special versions of normal cards. They have the same success and failure conditions and they're the same type (e.g. Normal Cards, Match Cards, AoN cards). Streamer cards can only be used on the Streamers channel. 

All successful Streamer cards score +10% extra points!


nik-10-17 162447.png

How do I get more Cards?

Card Bundles

The fastest way to grow your Card collection is to navigate to the Store and purchase Bundles. For the bundles you can always preview the contents before purchasing them, this allows you to avoid cards you feel like you don't need. This also allows you to check daily what cards are available for purchase! 

Bundle contents change after purchasing it, but you can preview each bundle before committing to a purchase.

The Bundle will show you the card names, how many of them you have already, how many new ones you're about to get, and if they're enough to level a card! Cards level automatically as soon as you have enough duplicates for a new level.



You're able to unlock new cards and duplicates by progressing in the current Season on a given Title. This means you'll use your existing cards to play a specific Title and gain XP by completing matches or Daily Goals. Once you've played enough, you'll move to a higher rank on the season and very likely gain cards at certain rank-ups! 

What are Boosters?

Boosters are free to use and everyone plays with the same set of Boosters. However, the order in which you're getting them is randomized player by player. This way you don't always start a match with the same booster and know beforehand what will be available next. 
Boosters are used by clicking the booster and then clicking on the card you want to apply it to. This can be either your own card or a teammate's card. Once a Booster is placed on a card it either increases the scoring potential of the card, possibly scores you extra points, or both.  Placing a booster on a teammates is always more beneficial than playing it on your own card, so make sure to carefully weigh up the options before choosing.

You can also see what Boosters your teammates have available and request them if you feel like you as a team should double down on your prediction. Requesting Boosters will send your teammate a message on the Team -chat.

Note that boosters cannot be used if you do not have a card selected!


Good Call

Your Card


Teammates Card

When used on your own card, this booster increases the points scored by +25%.  

When used on a teammate's card, the booster scores you an additional 25% of the teammate's card.

For example, using this on a teammate's card with 400 points would have them score the normal 400 points and you'd score an additional 400x0.25=100 points.



Your Card


Teammates Card

When your card does not succeed or fail in the next 60 seconds, you'll score +15% of the current points of the card.    When the card does not succeed or fail in the next 60 seconds, so remains in play, its current and maximum points are increased by +10%.
For example, Doubt used on your teammates' card can lead to scores higher than the Maximum point amount displayed on the card. This way a card already at 1200 max points could score an additional 10%, so the card could score 1200x1.10=1320 points.


Speed Up

Your Card


Teammates Card

Increases the speed of the card for 10 seconds by +200%. This means the card will gain a score faster.   Increases the speed of the target card for 10 seconds by +500%.
Speed up can also be used on an 'All or Nothing' -card when it speeds up the current level by either 200% or 500%.  


Let's Goooo!

Your Card


Teammates Card

When used on your own card, this booster increases the points scored by the card by +50%, if it succeeds in the next 60 seconds.   When used on a teammate's card, you'll score +50% of the points of their card - when it scores. 
For example, used on a card with a score of 500 when it succeeds will give you an extra 500x0.5=250 points. So a total of 750 points.



Your Card


Teammates Card

If the card fails or is switched out, you score +15% of the card's current points.   If the card fails or is switched out, you and the teammate both score +15% of the card's current points.
For example, your teammate' card has 1000 points, and using Scavenge before the card fails scores both you and the teammate 15% of the 1000 points on the card, so 1000x0.15=150 points for each of you, so a total of 300 points for your team.


Next Up

Your Card


Teammates Card

This booster can only be used on a Teammates card.  

Teammates' card succeeds before your card. Their card scores +25% more and you score half of the points of their card.

For example, 'Next Up' on a Teammates card that has a score of 500 points succeeds before yours, the card score is boosted to 500x1.5 = 750 points which they'll get and you also get an additional 188 points.

Disabled Cards / Dealing Restrictions

Often there are situations on Stream that would be either too easy to predict or are just simply impossible for the prediction to happen. For example, the 'Reach Max Health and Shields' card in Fortnite won't be dealt when the streamer at maximum Shields and Health - it's already happened! The same goes for Dead by Daylight cards that are specific to a Killer when the streamer is playing a Survivor; or in instances where you need a teammate to do something, but there are no teammates left.

Cards that become impossible to predict or where the event listed is already happening are disabled temporarily from being played. This usually will happen behind the scenes, but will occasionally be something you'll notice if the card has already been dealt.

Note that cards will not be disabled if you've picked them and have them in play - so if you notice your card is no longer possible, switch it out using the button below the card!


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