How to setup Commands and Timers on Nightbot

Timers and commands are essential features of Nightbot that streamline and enhance your streaming experience:


Commands are custom triggers that perform specific actions when invoked by users in your chat.

Screenshot 2024-03-21 143315.png

Default Commands:

Note: Some commands are not supported on Noice:

  • !commercial
  • !game
  • !marker
  • !tags

!songs only works if you enable Song Request feature

Custom Commands:

To add commands for Nightbot in your chat, follow these steps:

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In Chat:

  1. Use the command format: !addcom <command> <message>
    • Example: !addcom Noice This platform is NOICE

Screenshot 2024-03-21 143341.png

  1. Click on the "Add Command" button.
  2. Provide the following details:
    • Command Name
    • Message Content
    • User Level who can activate the command

Enhance your commands by integrating variables, adding a personalised touch to your messages. You can find the list of variables here.


By following these instructions, you can effortlessly customise Nightbot commands to enhance your streaming experience.


Nightbot Timers allow you to send messages at specific intervals, commonly used for social media links and chat notifications.

Screenshot 2024-03-21 143831.png

  1. Visit the Timers page.
  2. Click the blue Add button.
  3. Configure:
    • Name: Reference for the timer.
    • Message: Content of the timer's message.
    • Interval: Set time before the timer repeats.
    • Chat Lines: Minimum chat lines required to activate.
    • Alias: Specify a command if needed.

Managing Timers:

  • The Panel screen displays all timers with options to Disable/Enable, Edit, or Delete them.


  • Keep timers and intervals reasonable to avoid spamming.
  • Change messages frequently for fresh content, utilising variables for automatic updates.


For detailed guides on the robust and individual features offered by Nightbot, kindly utilize the links provided below: